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Curriculum Websites

On this page you can link through to some of our favourite websites that we use to support learning in school and at home.  Click the logo to go to the website.



Daily pictures to inspire writing.  There are suggested activities and tasks to complete for the image.  You can explore images from previous days too.
Play phonic games to practise saying, blending and reading words from the phonics learned in school.
Practise spelling by breaking words up into smaller syllables, word sets are linked to the National Curriculum spelling stages for each year group.
Watch videos and play games that help you learn letter sounds and how they blend together to read words.

Oxford Owl- Here you can access a wide range of books at different levels that follow the Oxford Reading Scheme used in school.

Contact your class teacher for sign in details.



Numbots- Play games and activities to help with learning to count, add and subtract.  Numbots is designed to help you learn and develop speed of counting and calculation.  Contact your teacher for sign in details.
The multiplication version of Numbots.  This can be used to rehearse and learn your multiplicaiton tables for rapid recall.  Can you make it all the way to RockStar status. Contact your class teacher for sign in details.
Play an adventure game with a mathematical twist, answer the questions to progress and battle through a mythical world. Sign up and ask your teacher for a class code.
Play games and watch videos to learn how about numbers, count and calculate.


General Websites

A wide range of learning information, videos, games and resources for the full curriculum.
Lessons, videos, resources and activities for all ages and subjects of the National Curriculum
A child friendly encyclopedia of information about a wide range of topics and subjects.

A range of geographical and historical maps to explore.

Contact your class teacher for sign in details.