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Our school meals are provided by an external company called Dolce.  Meals can be ordered through a system called School Grid and are then prepared on our sister site at Scawby Academy before being delivered.  Meals can be ordered at home through the system or in school during registration.  Particularly with younger children, we encourage you to look at the menus and preorder at home so you know what they will be eating for lunch.


Children do not have to have a school dinner and may bring a packed lunch if you wish.

Children who have school dinners are provided with a well balanced meal that is prepared within the government guidelines for nutritional and dietary needs. Whilst ensuring that the meals are healthy, we talk with the children and school council in order to adapt the menu to suit their preferences wherever possible. Water is available for drinks.

Children bringing packed lunches are encouraged to choose a healthy option. Please ensure that packed lunches do not contain sweets, glass bottles or thermos flasks. We request that parents ensure that packed lunches are packed in a strong container which is labelled with the child's name.


About Dolce and Schools Catering

Dolce is a family business with a genuine interest in the welfare of children. The company was born out of a desire to improve upon the offerings of the private and public sector in respect to the catering service, the cleaning provision and supervisory and caretaking duties.


Universal Free School Meals

Pupils in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to have a school meal provided to them, should you wish for them to have this.  The ordering process is the same as with paid meals.


Pupil Premium

Free school meals are available to some children according to family income. It's important to register for entitlement to free school meals, even though your child may have a packed lunch, this is so we can review additional funding (pupil premium) which we can use to help your child.

To find out if your child qualifies for free school meals, and for any help or advice, contact North Lincolnshire Council, or click here to complete on line application.